每天說英文挑戰 (2022.03.08)

每天說英文挑戰 (2022.03.08) 英語口說 Lewis多益職場力

Morning everyone,

 I would like to share an idea I just learned from a YouTube video I was watching while I was working out in the gym. 

This idea is called having beginner’s mindset. The idea is very simple, no matter how experienced we have become, it’s always good to keep the beginner’s mindset. 

The benefits are:  first, we will always be curious about whatever problems we are encountering. We are always more willing to look for newer answers or better answers when we encounter problems. 

And the second benefit is we’re more willing to learn from other people because everyone is unique. Therefore, everyone has unique life experiences. So as long as we are more willing to learn from others’ experiences, we can always better. we can always find better solutions to the same problems. 



我想分享一個我剛剛從我在健身房運動時看的 YouTube 影片中學到的一個觀念。

這個觀念就是擁有「初學者心態」。 這個觀念很簡單,就是無論我們多麼有經驗,保持初學者心態總會有好處。

這些好處是:首先,我們會對遭遇到的所有問題永遠感到好奇。 當我們遇到問題時,我們會更願意尋找更新的、或更好的答案。

第二個好處是我們會更願意向其他人學習,因為每個人都是獨一無二的。  因此,每個人都有獨特的人生經歷。 所以只要我們更願意從別人的經驗中學習,我們總是可以做得更好。對於同樣的問題,我們總能找到更好的解決方案。


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