每天說英文挑戰 (2022.03.09)

每天說英文挑戰 (2022.03.09) 英語口說 Lewis多益職場力

Morning everyone, 

I would like to share some thoughts about the news that many people were talking about yesterday. This news was about a Korean pop singer getting married with an actress from Taiwan. 

What’s interesting about this news is that they actually used to be a couple, and then they broke up with each other 20 years ago. So after 20 years, they decided to get married… they decided to get back with each other. 

So when this news came out, lots of people were shocked. When the journalist asked this pop singer how they got back in touch with each other, the singer answered that he actually has been in love with this actress. He has always kept her phone number, and, coincidentally, this actress has never changed her phone number for 20 years. That’s how they got back in touch with each other. And then they do Facetime with each other for three months, and then they decided to get married because this pop singer still found this actress attractive. 

So my thought is, if your first love is still hot and attractive after 20 years, but then keep the same phone number. 

However, if you found your first love has changed a lot… has become very unattractive. Then, of course, you should seriously think about changing your phone number to stay out of the trouble. 

As for me, as for myself, my wife is the only love in my life, so I don’t even have to think about this phone number matter.

Have a nice day. 



對於昨天很多人都在談論的新聞,我想分享一些想法。 這則新聞是關於一位韓國流行歌手與一位台灣女演員結婚的消息。

這條新聞的有趣之處在於,他們實際上曾經是情侶,然後他們在20年前就分手了。 所以20年後,他們決定結婚…… 他們決定重歸於好。

所以這個消息一出,很多人都震驚了。 當記者問這位流行歌手他們如何重新聯繫時,這位歌手回答,他其實一直愛著這位女演員。 他一直保留著她的電話號碼,而且巧合的是,這位女演員已經 20 年沒有換過電話號碼了。 他們就這樣重新聯繫上了。 他們進行了三個月的視訊,然後他們決定結婚,因為這位流行歌手仍然覺得這位女演員很有吸引力。

所以我的想法是,如果你的初戀在 20 年後仍然超辣超帥,那就留著相同的電話號碼吧。

但是,如果你發現你的初戀變了很多,變得很醜。 當然,你應該認真考慮更改電話號碼,遠離麻煩。




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