每天說英文挑戰 (2022.03.05)

每天說英文挑戰 (2022.03.05) 英語口說 Lewis多益職場力

Good morning, everyone,

I’m taking a walk in the art museum and listening to a podcast program. In this podcast program, I learned an idea that is embracing randomnessto improve creativity.

每天說英文挑戰 (2022.03.05) 英語口說 Lewis多益職場力
每天說英文挑戰 (2022.03.05) 1

So the main message is when something happens out of our expectation, we should just welcome that unexpected situation and try to come up with new ideas to deal with it… to face it.That’s how we can keep growing and learning.

All right, have a nice day!



我正在美術館散步,聽 podcast節目。 在這個 podcast 節目中,我學到了一個觀念,就是「擁抱隨機性」以提高創造力。

主要概念是,當事情超出我們的預期時,我們應該接受這種意外情況,並嘗試想出新的想法來處理它…  面對它。這樣我們才能繼續成長和學習。



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