每天說英文挑戰 (2022.03.14)

每天說英文挑戰 (2022.03.14) 英語口說 Lewis多益職場力
(Recorded at 7:23am)

Morning everyone,

Last Friday, a student of mine told me that she got 985 on TOEIC and of course that was an impressive result since she’s only studying in the third grade of senior high school.

每天說英文挑戰 (2022.03.14) 英語口說 Lewis多益職場力
每天說英文挑戰 (2022.03.14) 1

People ask me how she could do it or how I have helped her reach the goal. My answer is “The exam was never our goal.”

 When we have class, we only focus on using the language, having real discussions with the language. And we never try to memorize vocabulary for the exam. We only memorize the vocabulary that we want to learn. So the learning process is very natural.

The language has become a part of her life, so taking the exam was just a random decision. Naturally, she could do well in the exam.

The essential parts of learning are still fun and sense of achievement. That’s (what) I hope that most parents would remember.

Have a nice day



上週五,我的一個學生告訴我,她的多益測驗成績拿到 985分(滿分是990分),這是一個很厲害的學習成果,特別是她現在只是高中三年級學生。

有人問我,她是怎麼做到的?或者我是如何幫助她達成目標的? 我的回答是,考試從來都不是我們的目標。






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