每天說英文挑戰 (2022.03.15)

每天說英文挑戰 (2022.03.15) 英語口說 Lewis多益職場力
(Recorded at 7:28am)

Morning everyone,

I would like to introduce a YouTube channel, Daniel LaBelle to you guys.  My wife found this channel and showed it to me a few days ago.  

每天說英文挑戰 (2022.03.15) 英語口說 Lewis多益職場力
(Photo taken from the Internet)

There are some pretty funny home videos.  In these videos, it’s just Daniel and his brothers doing all sorts of things in funny ways.  All of those videos are quite pointless in a hilarious way, and I found them pretty amusing. 

They always make me laugh hard whenever I watch them.  I hope some of those videos will make you laugh as well.

Have a nice day.



我想介紹一個 YouTube 頻道 Dan​​iel LaBelle 給各位。 幾天前,我的太太發現這個頻道,然後給我看。

這個頻道有一些非常好笑的居家影片。 在這些影片中,就只是 Daniel 和他的兄弟們以搞笑的方式做著各種事情。 這些視頻都用很無厘頭的方式搞笑,我覺得它們很好玩。 

每次我看這些影片,總是會讓我大笑。 我希望其中一些影片也能讓你大笑。



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