每天說英文挑戰 (2022.03.06)

每天說英文挑戰 (2022.03.06) 英語口說 Lewis多益職場力

Morning, everyone,

I was listening to another podcast program this morning. This program is an interview between Tim Ferriss and Hugh Jackman.

Who is Hugh Jackman? He is a well known Australian movie actor, one of whose most famous movie characters is the Wolverine in X men movies.

Obviously, he already has a very successful movie career, so the host, Tim Ferriss, asked him how he has been taking care of his emotional energy. And, of course, he has some habits.

One of his habits is meditation. He meditates twice a day, one in the morning, another one in the afternoon or in the evening.

And another habit that I found pretty interesting is reading with and to his wife 30 minutes every morning. That’s how he makes sure that he has some quality time with his wife and his family every day.

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今天早上我在聽另一個播客節目。 這個節目是 Tim Ferriss 和 Hugh Jackman 之間的採訪。

Hugh Jackman 是誰? 他是著名的澳洲籍電影演員,他最著名的電影角色之一是 X 戰警電影中的金剛狼。

顯然,他的電影事業已經非常成功,所以主持人 Tim Ferriss 問他是如何照顧自己的情緒能量的。 當然,他有一些習慣。

他的習慣之一是冥想。 他每天打坐兩次,早上一次,下午或晚上一次。

我發現另一個非常有趣的習慣,是每天早上和他的妻子一起閱讀 30 分鐘。 這就是他確保每天與妻子和家人度過一段美好時光的方式。


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